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Yard Doodie
Yard Doodie
Yard Doodie
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Yard Doodie

Ages: 5+ Number of Players: 2-5

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Ages: 5+   Number of Players: 2-5

Playing With Dog Poop Has Never Been So Much Fun!

It's time to let your dogs out into the neighborhood to poop away! Take dogs Gunner Goldentoots, Penelope POOdle, Poo Poo Pugley and all their friends on walks around the block and let them leave stinky little presents on your opponent's front lawn. In Yard Doodie, pile up all the poop you can and go for the win. 

Playing is as easy as:

  1. Players in this game collect various dog cards in order to have their dog’s poop on an opponent’s “yard.” Depending on the number and type of dog cards collected, a player’s dogs will be able to leave more or less “doodie” in an opponent’s yard.
  2. Players get cards via a dice roll on their turn. As players collect cards, they will also encounter special “Super Scooper” cards that can be played to shovel poop from their yard onto an opponent’s yard.
  3. At the end of the game, the player with the least amount of poop in their yard is the winner.

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What makes it great

An amazing cast of poopers

From Poo Poo Pugly to Gunner Goldentoots, you're going to love these flatulent pups.

The Super Scooper Card

Use the Super Scooper card to clean up your yard when piles of poop start to form.

Piling the Poop on other players yards

Fill your opponent's yards with as much dog "doodie" as you can!

How Yard Doodie Was Born

What can we say, our kids just find poop funny. And yes, as parents we know it’s juvenile, but we find it a little funny too. So when my daughter told me she had an idea for a game where you had dogs pooping on other people’s yards, I was all in!

The interesting thing is that my daughter is terrified of dogs in real life, but loves pictures of them. In front of a computer she was in heaven and spent hours with me online looking at pictures of cute little dogs that she thought would be great for the game. Once we settled on the dogs, it was time to start figuring out how these cute little four-legged friends were going to start doing their business. In a hilarious week of game play testing of how and when the dogs got to poop on other player’s imaginary “yards,” I must have witnessed 10 hours of collective laughing out loud from my kids. With pooping bringing this much fun and laughter, I never want to stop playing this game. Neither will you.

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