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Ever since our kids were young, we found playing games together was an amazing way to connect as a family. The laughter, the triumph, the yelling, the excitement, and yes, even the occasional crying, have built magical relationships. 

As the kids got older, games brought us an unexpected family bonding experience. Our kids decided they wanted to start making their own games. Their imaginations ran wild and we created all kinds of good (and bad) games.  With each creation, things started to get more and more exciting until one day we found our store-bought games were collecting dust while our new games had become family favorites.  

As luck would have it, a family friend was also experiencing this same game-driven family creativity in their home. We began sharing game ideas with each other, playing with hand made cards and dice for hours on end, dreaming up new rules, and coming up with some pretty awesome games for the whole family. 

So, we decided it was time to share the fun with other families. Thus, Henhouse Games was born, dedicated to bringing family imagination to life and games to the world that the whole family can enjoy. We hope our games will make the lives of your families just a little better because we know that finding ways to laugh, compete, taunt, cry, make up and hoist your kids up on your shoulders in victory can lead to some of the most rewarding and memorable experiences in life.

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